Wednesday 24 February 2016

Stitching News With Tooting

This is a very deep and meaningful project made by Christabelle. It's a gifting quilt for a football fan, Stoke City I believe... The colours have been selected to represent all of those used in the home and away team football strips over many, if not all, of the years. What a great idea!! Toot toot toot Christabelle, another fabulous finish

New Sue almost finished this commissioned project.
What a fantastic quilt for a little one... the About A Boy fabrics are cuter than cute!
The binding needs to be stitched but that's a job Sue saves for TV evenings. We won't see this quilt again so, we are going to be toot-tooting for a fabulous almost finish

Jean Bean finished her baby gifting quilt
It's for Bertie Bobbles Bon Bon!!!!
Toot toot toot, toot toot-etty-toot toot
Jeans very own, original design... and fabulous it is too!

Jen popped in to show us her fabulous and finished cushion.
Bright and modern Art Gallery fabrics bordered by dramatic pink
Jen came to the last beginner cushion workshop...

She was very impressed with the way I teach to put zips into the backs!!
As I predicted, Jen will be back to make a quilt very soon...
It's addictive this stitchery!!!
Toot toot toot Jen, for your fabulous and finished cushion.

Another of Christabelle's original works, fabulous and finished ready for a toot toot fanfare... A fantastic shopping tote with elephant applique detail... made in luxurious Art Gallery fabric with a little mini Ric-Rac trim... we Love it!

Woop-woop another Christabelle finish. Monty is a dog and he now has a fabulous and finished, double sided, little, quilt to sit on. I'm beginning to think we should all make friends with Christabelle, she makes such fabulous gifts!!!

AnnBacan has finished her commissioned Grey and Pink quilt top... that was the brief, grey with pink... it left size and design quite open for Ann's imagination... didn't we do well? It's all ready to be sandwiched now... when Ann had a moment spare.

No prizes for guessing what Just Edna spent her day doing...
not after her quilt sandwich making marathon on Saturday giving us an inkling.
Straight lines were the order of the day.... lots and lots of them!

Barbara BEW finished her lovely Batik blocks and started to add sashing strips... we interfered a bit and suggested that little feature corner stones would look great so, that's the plan now... a little extra work but it will be well worth it!

and, if you can keep up... this is Christabelle again.... her Stargazy Daisiez quilt... started at the workshop recently... it's a huge quilt so Chris is working on it in between all those gifting projects for her very own friends and family!!!
There you go... I really have made an effort and have been taking photographs for you.
It's a very busy time for me in the shop at the moment...
You will need to have read all the way down to here to know that...
On Monday 29th, that's our extra day for the Leap Year...
we are having a little open day event.
There'll be bargains available...
Just for the one day, this one extra day we have this year.
Don't tell anyone else... it's an event only available for those who come to the shop on Monday 29th... keep it to yourself... that way you will be able to keep the special offers all for your very own self!!!

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Maggi said...

Lovely to see so much work together. The enjoyment your quilters get from working with you is very obvious.