Sunday 25 September 2016

Finally... Stitching News

Sally Snow proudly held up her fabulous and finished Liberty fabric sampler quilt. She's been working on it, on and off, for several years... you know how life gets in the way sometimes don't you! It's done, that hurdle has been climbed over, phew! Toot toot toot Sally... onward and upward now...

Aileen got a bit of a shock when she came to sandwich her American themed quilt...
The shock? How huge it was... The enormity of the quilting task hit home... but she won't worry too much about it... she only needs this quilt to be finished for Christmas... 14 weeks is it?

PM Pam needs a Lick-ettey-split quilt for a soon to arrive little tiddler...  Said Tiddler will be born to farmers so this fabulous animal print fitted the bill perfectly. Pam's going to border the blocks with the black and white spot... perfect!

Kate's Lynda has been working on this quilt for a while... the inbetween-y bits have been spent making bags and going on holiday! Just when she thought she'd finished... Lynda noticed a whole row stitched upside-down!!! grrrrr It had to be re-done.

Sally Snow purchased a quilt kit, a long time ago... now that she's finished the Liberty quilt she wanted to have a go at the kit. She's never done applique before so it was a little learning curve. All 9 shapes were stuck down and blanket stitch has been practiced.

Lynda's Kate is also making a kiddy quilt... She's being very thrifty and using up lots of her very own, brightly coloured scraps... not good for a fabulous and very well stocked quilt shop! ha ha ha but great fun to see it coming together.

Longport Lynda is hosting, or attending ( I forget) a charity sale so is in the last few days of making stock. These bags always sell very well and, I think it is safe to say, Lynda is Quite the expert at making them by now.
Table runner set... an adapted pattern from this pattern/tutorial.
Fabulous, but not quite finished...
All is well again with the Whiston Clan so, fingers crossed... life will be returning to normal and I will be a better blogger for you ...except that... the blooming menfolk of this clan have a work holiday week... So guess who will be changing her name to Cinders!!! ha ha ha

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