Saturday 10 September 2016

Stitching News

Wow.... Jeannette Dilly finished her borders... with a most perfect quarter inch red strip using my rather clever (and cunning) method of accuracy... What a stunning quilt top, soon to be sandwiched and quilted, I am hoping that you will be seeing this at our Uttoxeter Quilt Show in April 2017
So, Jeannette moved on to another quilt project. The 4-Patch Posie design isn't just for floral fabrics... as you see here, they make great fun blocks with fussy cut novelty fabrics too... 4-Patch Pooh Posies!!!
Sister Susie took great care in choosing her border fabrics... she wanted them just right. We tried many different red fabrics until we got the exact one for the inner half inch... we do that you know, we let you get them aaaaaall out until you are happy... then we quietly chunter as we put all the bolts back in place!! ha ha ha
Margaret very proudly announced that she had made her first Draw String Bag... isn't it cute... and with that little Ballerina pocket, even cuter!! Toot toot toot Margaret, it qualifies for a fabulous and finished fanfare!! Now get on and finish all the others you purchased fabric for! ha ha ha
It's well known, in my very own quilt shop, that I am no fan of the Disappearing 9-Patch quilt. I always think that there are so many better and more exciting designs we can make with the chosen fabrics... (in my opinion of course) but this setting that we conjured up for Cynthia... now then... this setting has changed my mind... I really, really love it!
Loulou almost ran into my lovely shop ready for Friday Quilt Club... she was on a mission to get started with her stitching as this project was about to be gifted and time had run out... This is Loulou's first EVER hand stitched binding... yeeeeha! Toot toot toot Loulou... for your Fabulous and Finished quilted wall hanging!
Sporty Sue arrived with an old pile of fabric... well, quite old... it was a kit she purchased about 3 years ago... we pondered over the pattern and I decided I didn't like it! ha ha ha, well, it looked a bit like a Disappearing 9-Patch... I asked Sue whether she had seen the beautiful Batik quilt that our PM Pam had made and, luckily, she did... so that's where we went...Oh I LOVE LOVE LOVE this easy design... and it is a great introduction to making a Bargello design

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