Friday 9 September 2016

Stitching News

Princess Jackie, our first prize winning applique lady, has been at it again. Boy does she know how to choose a great pattern... here's a link if you would like to make Roosters  for your very own self. So many colours in these fabulous and fun cockerels... Jackie is making decissions about the setting now.
 As if there wasn't enough colour in Jackie's project.... Boom!!! here's Pm Pam's now... you could be wearing your Bikini (really!) in the privacy of your very own home, pour your very own self a Pina Colada and stare at Pam's quilt and convince yourself (your very own self of course) that you were in a tropical place!!! wooohoo... I'm getting a bit too hot already!! has ha ha
And relax... here's Jean Bean's creative corner... those tiny little centres have grown and will soon be finished blocks... some of the blocks need to be made in reverse so that needs a little more concentration... brain power... and lots of it apparently.

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