Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Bargello Wall Hanging Workshop

I looked back on my blog for examples of past Bargello Wall Hangings. I found lots made by some wonderful people, of course they are wonderful, they are Quilters!! 
There's a little 'Search This Blog' box in the right side bar and I just typed in "Bargello"
My blog goes back a very long way and it's full of fun memories for me... so I used up a lot time, insert a long sigh here... doesn't time just fly?
Anyway... Bargello Workshops have always proved to be exciting... just look at all the fun in this post... 
Next Saturday, 20th October we will be Bargello-ing again as we have another workshop planned. Here are a few pictures of past wall hangings... for inspiration!

Fun quilting by Penelope Baskerville!!

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