Friday, 12 October 2018

Stitching News

Norma loves bright colours... She's decided to make quilted cushions and each one is being tailor made to be just the right gift, you know... that season that is coming up!

Norma enjoys a more liberated approach to patchwork so has embraced the  'Join it now and trim off the excess' method of making Log Cabin Blocks... It's perfect for Norma's enjoyment,  it allows a lot of PMS (pleasing My Self) and it's just accurate enough to work... Win win!

Carol started this festive project during our recent (and I must admit, mostly wonderful) quilting retreat. She had treated her very own self to the pattern while shopping during our Pilgrimage to the Festival Of Quilts in August... It took a mighty lot of Carol's willpower not to start it before our retreat!!

Susan was going to have a simple backing for her sashed diamonds quilt.... After a little pondering and much (quite a lot of) encouragement (without physical contact I should add) she agreed that all the extra work would be worth it... so now the backing will look fabulous! 

Jean Beano has been making Orange Peel blocks on and off for a long while now... It's her  'Go To' project for in between all others. It's a great idea to have some mindless sewing in progress... by that I mean sewing that has already had all the decisions made or sewing that doesn't need any deciding until all the units are complete. I have a few mindless swing projects on the go actually. Do you?

Another Unicorn... this one is a work in progress for Annbacan. It's been a challenge for Ann and labeling all the pieces has helped her get it just right. She's quite chuffed with her very own self actually, which is a relief!

Pam continues on her creative Marathon... now... I don't like to choose favourites really, mostly because that would be a very difficult task, and who cares about my very own favourites anyway... but the flower on the right here, the fabric and colour choices?... Oh my goodness... it is my favourite so far, I absolutely love it.! 

 Elizabeth Hartman's patterns are so very popular at the moment. New Sue already made the Penguin quilt and now there's a  SLEUTH of bears (I looked that up, who knew?) almost enough for a quilt of colourful bears! Some will have extra characteristics... Fun!

This is another of Pam's cushion flowers, she's a dab hand at the bias binding stems now... even to fussy cutting exactly the bit of fabric print that she wants to use for her stem... She might have had a top tip or two from a very helpful shop owner, who always offers fabulous customer service! 

Christabelle is making a huge quilt using the apartment joining method. Each block is being quilted 'In The Ditch', which Chris is very accurate at stitching, not ditch hopping as most of us do, ha! When I show you the choice for the backing you will be amazed, I was, it's a little fun Quirky-quirkiness.
We have a Sunday Sewing Patchwork Party coming up.
Sunday 28th of October, 9:30am - 4:30pm
Whether you want to do mindless sewing or carefully planned sewing...
Marathon stitching or 'Steady Eddy' stitching?
It's a wonderful way to spend a Sunday!...
And not forgetting the all important and rather lovely chef  and team coming to provide our lunch!!

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