Friday, 19 October 2018

Stitching News

New Sue has an absolutely fabulous, and extremely cute, gifting quilt ready and waiting. She has allowed me to have it hanging in my very own shop so you can come to see it in real life, all for your very own self... please don't bring any sardines though, ha! Do we toot toot toot? Do we tweet tweet, tweet? What do Penguins do? Have you ever googled Penguin? Try it!
Anyway, apparently they 'honk'...

As is a very popular thing to do with my quilting folk... there's something different on the back.  A personalised quilt is even more special, especially for the younger ones... Honk Honk Honk Sue, it's a fabulous & finished quilt. Thank you for allowing me to hang it.

Princess Jackie added borders to this beautiful appliqued kiddy gifting quilt. As she chose to use a bright striped fabric the decision was made to mitre the corners. They looked really good and were well worth the extra little phafff.

Gail needs to applique twelve little princesses for her current project. All of the princesses are being carefully dressed with co-ordinating crowns and tiaras... Gail is really enjoying th process, she told me so...They look great don't they!

And just as I predicted, New Sue finished her Sloth of Bears.... all borders and sashing strips were added... Sue was crawling around on the floor all day as there wasn't an inch of table spare! The backing has been chosen and a Sandwich Saturday slot has been booked.

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Warm Quilts said...

These are all so adorable. What a great way to dive into your stash and get creative.