Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Festive Madness?

I have lots of different panels for making Advent calendars in stock in my very own shop. Whether you like the Scandified colourways and style or the more traditional designs and styles. Most finish at 60cm wide and 8ocm long (high)... This particular work in progress ( I also have this in the grey colourway) belongs to Luna Twerly...

All of the panels can be quilted plenty or quilted minimally....
Just a few stitched lines to stabilize all 3 of the layers... Top, Wadding and Backing.
Luna Twerly has gone for it! Lots and lots of quilting with metallic gold threads and little beads and French Knots... can you see?

She's used white threads to embellish too and I shouldn't be surprised that those little red dots have French Knots on them too... We should see this as a Family Heirloom in the making. Luna has a lot of patience for tiny fiddly stitching... Do you? I think that pleasing your very own self is the way to go!!

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