Monday 8 July 2019

Kate Tunic Number 14

You know I love a Kate Tunic. If you have been to my very own shop you would have, most probably, noticed that as I practically live in them, they make excellent workwear. I still have to follow the instructions in the little booklet and every Kate turns out a little different... without me even trying!
This time I made a version without the middle front gathers... I got brave and I decided to do a FBA (Full Bust Adjustment). I also added larger, pleated pockets, not to match the boobage though, ha!
My new Tailors Dummy wouldn't alter the Boobage bit without making everything else too big, so I put a good fitting bra on her and stuffed it with wadding hope the window cleaner doesn't come when she's Kate naked!! 
It turned out OK... Art Gallery Knit fabrics feel so wonderful and luxurious and they're very easy to sew clothing with.
These darts are a bit low really, at least I hope they are and it's not my boobs that are too high!!! ha ha ha I'll make another version soon, see if I can get them in the right place. That will be Kate Tunic number 15 though!
Dress making is soooo different to quilt making!!!

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