Thursday 4 July 2019

Stitching News

Jean Bean had a count up and only needs to make two more hounds to have enough for a large square quilt. Each hound will be getting it's special little character detail added, don't you love the eye patch? Jean's also in the process of naming all 9 pooches. There's going to be a Molly!!!

PM Pam's commissioned quilt is coming along very nicely, it's a top already and it turned out to be larger than I thought we planned... but the customer is always right... I wonder whether Pam will name all of those Teddies?

Princess Jackie made another extremely cute little sundress... she's enjoying doing a bit of  dressmaking and has plans for more wearable makes. Toot toot toot Jackie, another fabulous and finished little project.

This quilt top is also Princess Jackie's.... she says it's just a quick quilt and more muted than she usually makes? I'm not so sure... it's very colourful and just as beautiful as any other. By the end of the day the borders were on and a sandwich was made.
Our trip to the Festival Of Quilts will be on Sunday 4th August. It's coming up very quickly.There's a different company selling the tickets this year so it's a bit more tricky for me to guarantee last minute tickets.
You will need to book and pay for your places on the coach as soon as possible if you want your entrance ticket to be included for £25.00. 
Once I confirm ticket numbers and order them, there will be Coach Only places left @ £15.00. You will have to purchase tickets on the day when we arrive at the show, I think they will be £17.00

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