Sunday, 14 July 2019

Stitching News

Just Edna is making great progress with her commission quilt. Several rows are complete and the secondary pattern that these blocks create is really popping out. Funny how we get illusion of curves from long straight lines!! Tri-Recs Rulers are fabulous!

Annbacan was going to use up the black and white fabrics to make a charitable gifting quilt. They were already cut into 5" squares when they were given to her. She needed a background colour to contrast with them... I chose burnt orange... Annbacan wondered why!! Now she loves the orange in the project, so she will be keeping it!

Christabelle embarked on the making of a ByAnnie's Diaper Bag... ByAnnie projects are a bit of a journey! She is using this wonderful soft canvas from Art Gallery... It's extra wide so Chris was able to fussy cut all the bits... she had to concentrate and use her noggin!! Teamed up with Alison Glass rich and buttery yellow fabric for the contrast... gives me excited goosebumps!!

What a fabulous gifting idea!!
Jean Bean decided to gift a kit to a special young lady...
A book with all the things to make one of the projects in it.
Beano hopes to infect another youngster with the quilting virus!!

Inspired by all the Hounds that our Beano has been making over the recent weeks, New Sue decided she needed a dog pound of her very own... not a weighty pound... a housey pound! There's another baby being baked and he will need a quilt.

Princess Jackie has quilted all of her applique shapes and done lots of In-The-Ditch stitching (it's like Ditch Hopping only more accurate!) but there were still a few open spaces to address. Jean Bean designed a lovely butterfly and a few music notes that would suit the job perfectly, Jackie just has to stitch them now. 

Ta-Daaaaah... What a fabulous quilt.... An Ombre of Swans!! Can you see the Ombre... light blues at the top gradually getting darker blues near the bottom... Very arty-farty, and the regal black fellow going the opposite way... The pattern is another from Elizabeth Hartman and Rose added her Wing-It flare, especially with the quilting...

We found this perfect Art Gallery Swan motif fabric for the backing which ties it all together brilliantly... Toot toot toot Rose, it's a spectacularly Fabulous and finished project with two-tone binding to boot.

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