Monday, 22 July 2019

Stitching News

All Day Di finished her Unicorn pillow. When she first started to cut out all the bits of fabric and label them up, she convinced her very own self that it would be way too difficult for her to make a Unicorn... but she persevered and realised that it is quite easy to piece the Elizabeth Hartman patterns. You just have to do exactly as the pattern says and it works. Just like that!!

Applique is Di's favourite stitchy thing to do, so... Eleni got her name stitched to the back of her cushion... above the covered zip! This Unicorn was always being made to be gifting... A fabulous and finished Unicorn Pillow, Well done Di, toot toot toot

People are funny... Pam was asked to make a baby quilt for a relative to gift next week... Next Week??? Have they no idea how many hours it takes to make these works of art?? or do they just realise that Pam is always going to rise to the challenge. Sandwich done already!

Farmer Lynda  continues with her quilting. This too is being made as a gifting quilt, not for a baby though, this lap sized quilt, is being made for a lady who loves horses. We are a generous lot aren't we.... well Lynda is... I like to keep my works of art, ha!

Sister Susie and Fiona Too have continued to practice their Free-Motion quilting skills. The words are popping really well with the dense quilting. Not all of the words will have heavy quilting... each one, in theory, will be a different design.

Apartment joined, massive quilt is almost finished. Three miles of binding left to go. It is huge and Lynda has enough blocks left over to make another quilt but not quite as large... Get your trumpets ready... I bet it will be finished this week. Wait till you see the back!

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