Sunday, 6 October 2019

Fabulous And Finished

I hope you are happy to see a blog post, finally!! 
I've got to get used to this new blooming computer now... I don't really like change.
Actually it's all been made a bit easier because Lilly spent a couple of hours setting me up... The old computer is still limping along and, hopefully, I will have rescued enough 'computer stuff' and have transferred it over before it finally dies. 
I know I could transfer EVERYTHING over, but I've saved so much stuff (and crap) in the old thing over the years that I have never even looked at or looked for since saving it, that I want to have a good sort out... like when you move house!! Just take the good stuff!
I have photos to share with you from the last couple of weeks, so here goes, these are the fabulous and finished projects so we need to raise our trumpets ready to toot... I'm typing with the right letters, which is fun... I had to guess letters before because the key letters had all worn off!

This is a beginner workshop cushion made by a lovely lady who went home with more fabrics to make more cushions... Just 3 Fat Quarters and a zip to make a fabulous cushion and a new quilting addict.

One lovely cushion with a fabulous back and a covered zip...
Toot toot toot, no toddler tummies here.

Rose purchased both pattern and the kit to make this bag during our pilgrimage to the Festival Of Quilts back in August... she loves Tweed. My goodness were the bag instructions poor. There were pictures but none of them were helpful, so I guess we can say that this is another one of Rose's 'winged it' projects... She enjoyed the applique and the embroidered elements... it was the construction that was the problem...

Rose hasn't been put off though... she will put the bag pattern to one side then tackle it again with fresh eyes... quite soon as she plans to be gifting a few of these and the fabrics are ready and waiting. Toot toot toot Rose a fabulous, if rather frustrating, finished bag... toot toot toot. 

New Sue finished her serine swan cushion... A pattern from Elizabeth Hartman. Sue's used an Art Gallery Linen blend for the background and it looks really great with the Beautiful Batiks and the Moda Grunges.

A perfectly placed concealed zip for the back too.
toot toot toot Sue another fabulous and finished project, for gifting I presume.

Merrily has been working on this project for weeks... it was a free pattern in Merrily's magazine. Lots of mistakes in the pattern, some of the little triangles were the wrong way round, I checked.... Merrily had followed the recipe to the letter so she's writing to the magazine people to let them know. Anyway... toot toot toot Merrily, a fabulous and finally finished project.

This panel is really lovely, don't you think? It's 90cm wide so there was no need to cut anything off or need to add anything too it... perfect for a fast finish. Christabelle has free-motion quilted all over it with a beautiful King Tut variegated thread. Another toot toot toot is required for another fabulous and finished quilt... yes... it is for gifting! 

Gail's quilt is next up... I think this might be the last of her stash of PhD's (Projects Half Done) and I believe this one has not been stored in the garage with the others but was found elsewhere!Toot toot toot Gail, it is a fabulous and finished toot-able quilt... Oh, heck...  I've just remembered, there is another PhD... and it's a huge one... oh dear, ha ha ha (I won't let on Gail)

Now this isn't strictly a finished project because there is a small amount of binding to be hand stitched as homework, but it's near enough done and I don't think we will be able to see it again. It's an Advent Quilt, 24 little pockets to put things in, lovely eh. So Toot toot toot Brenda Barbara it's a fabulous and finished project, finally, ha ha ha, I won't tell Brenda!!
Just a reminder that there is a Sunday Funday Sewday coming up.
Sunday 3rd November
You will need to book and pay for your place, if you haven't already.
That's all for this time...

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