Thursday 10 October 2019

Lots Of Stitching News

Lou Lou wants/needs a new sofa throw... Dwight as been on her sofa for a few weeks waiting to be collected by it's new owner and Lou got used to seeing the quilt, now it's gone!... she misses it.. No way round it, a replacement will be made. Feathers by Elizabeth Hartman. Lou Lou decided to use a Moda Farmhouse Flannels Charm Pack of for the feathers and a delicious rich background colour, also flannel. This is a tester block and will be made into a beautiful cushion. 

Gail prepared this little, and extremely cute, project to work on during our recent retreat. All the tiny weeny little details were stuck in place so Gail just needed to applique stitch the bits, tiny tiny bits, look in the little bag!! I just want you to know I mean TINY bits! I also have this pattern to make, I'm going to take mine to the library to grow, at least 50% larger, ha!

Kate started a new project, also for gifting. She's seen all the fun people have been having with the Quilt-As-You-Go method so that's what she decided to do. Kate chose a straight strippy layout, as opposed to diagonal, so it will all look woven... All the blocks will be joined apartmently 

This is Gail's new project, Teddies. The photo was taken after the retreat. I'm a bit out of sinc with pictures since my Computer-Gate saga... Anyway, Gail does sew, it just looks like she cuts, glues and sticks all the time! It's fun to do all this prep in class.

New Sue spent time piecing the other side of this beautiful Batik table runner, it's for gifting so Sue wants it to be double sided. The back is a slightly simpler design so she finished it just in time to be able to make a sandwich before the end of class.

Rose proudly held up her quilt centre. She loves to play with colour... I think you might have noticed that! A classic Railfence design made with a  lovely Moda, William Morris, Charm pack and the very modern colours of Art Gallery Solids... fabulous.

Di Butterfly has been Big Stitch hand quilting this project for a while. It's been put on one side for a few months as Di had lots of other projects to make with time limits. Hand quilting is a great 'cooler weather' project, it keeps your knees warm while you work!

Josie is making cushions using the block designs from her Jo Morton book. She likes the classic style of the designs and the rich colours that suit them so well. I did hear Josie declare that, one day, she will make the whole quilt

Just Edna had a bit of a shock... She knew she had made a large, and fabulous, quilt. She knew the backing was quite enormous too... but it wasn't until she came to make the quilt sandwich that the enormity of the project actually hit her... funny that eh... but it happens to lots of us. Edna will be quilting this on her very own domestic sewing machine, as she always does.

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