Wednesday 30 October 2019

Quilt Tops

Both of the next two quilt tops belong to Norma. She's a bit of a character... absolutely loves sewing but doesn't enjoy too much faffing to get accuracy. She almost always starts new projects with gusto. I help her to plan a project and all goes well... until she's left to get on with it! 
Norma declared that she wanted to make Log Cabin Blocks with her quilt show loot of Batik Fat Quarter Bundles. Mathemisms were done (by my very own self) and a few tester blocks were made in class... all good! Norma took the project to our recent retreat to continue making them.
 I'm not quite sure what was in the air at Cromford? (actually I do know, but my lips are sealed) All of Norma's Log Cabin blocks ended up different sizes, varying between 7" and 8 1/2", they also turned into Court House Steps! Seam allowances were the culprits... How on earth would she get the blocks joined together?... We did it though... Back at the shop we added sashing strips of various widths with a beautifully co-ordinating Batik fabric... Wider strips at one corner (bottom left here) migrating to thinner sashing strips at the top right... very quirky and now it's all sewn together it looks like it was the plan all along eh! 

I showed you the start of this quilt on a previous post... see how the 4-Patch units look great as rectangles? Norma didn't quite have enough blue sashing fabric, she only had 2 Fat Quarters! but we found a very close matching blue Batik in my shop... so that's another quilt top rescued and ready for sandwiching and quilting.

Somewhere on social media recently, I posted pictures of a newly arrived fabric collection from Moda . It's called Safari Life. My niece saw it and declared her love!! ha ha ha. Her Nannie was contacted (that's My Mum Gwynneth) and a quilt plan was hatched. Nannie/Mum has finished the top already... It's a Safari Life Charm Pack stitched together with borders added... simple and perfect for the commission! 

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