Saturday 28 March 2020

Hello Hello Hello...

Is there anybody out there??
I plugged in my perfectly purple camera, just to see whether I took any project pictures before the rules completely changed.
Happily I did, so I'll share them with you... I haven't cropped them too much so we get to see little bits of my shop as well. Not having been there for ages, since Monday in fact, I thought this would help me, if not you... ha!
Rose's beautiful Batik quilt. Fabulous and finished and extremely toot toot toot-a-bubble, don't you think? Rose made this as a wedding gift. The circular designs to reflect the wedding rings and marriage and all the hearts, obviously, to reflect the meaning and the reason for the wedding. There are little kisses (crosses) hand stitched for embelishment too. All beautifully finished with delicious Faux Piped Binding.

The is the back, all Rose's extra bits used up, as we do a lot in these here parts. The lovely quilt finished in good time for gifting... Except the wedding plans might well have been scuppered, or at least delayed a bit. I don't really know. Either way... Rose is ready for when we get back to our new normal. Toot toot toot Rose, a truly fabulous and finished gifting one day Quilt. toot toot toot, let me hear you!!!

Shirley is a new addict. She made a beginner cushion recently and found her very own self completely absorbed and infected, with the Quilting Virus not that other blooming one! Project number two now completed, the brilliant and very popular, Quick Table Topper. It's a fabulous and finished project, toot toot toot.

Kate was very much enjoying working on this black and white project...
I can see why, none of those junctions need to match up! Perfect...
I hope Our Naughty Norma sees this!! ha ha ha
It's like a beautifully built brick wall eh.

Longport Lynda is still trying to use up her left over red fabrics from making the huge red and grey quilt AND the large dog quilt... I think this is just about the last red project she'll make for a while. Well... it's the last one we will be seeing for a while. Toot toot toot, it's still a fabulous finish!
I do hope you are all well and finding time to sew while we are doing as we are told and staying home. xx

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