Sunday 29 March 2020

Pam's Stitching News

This is my new way of gathering blog content. 
Lovely customers can send me pictures of what they are working on and I ask whether I can blog about them for you... to keep the fabulous and inspiring customer service that I have always tried to  provide! 

You've seen this quilt a couple of times on my blog during it's production, even when our Pam was sandwich making. It's a baby gifting quilt for a very keen gardener Mummy... Lovely and bright, fabulous and finished... thank you for the photo Pam, toot toot toot

Inspired by my beautiful Turtle quilt, Pam went to the Jennifer Jangles website  and downloaded her very own copy of the pattern... This was before the restrictions closed my lovely shop so Pam was able to pop in to purchase her chosen fabrics. How very different this turtle quilt will look compared to mine.
 I can't wait to see it finished...
OK, I guess I really can...
I will have to, ha ha ha

Please note that I always ask permission before sharing other peoples photos.

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