Thursday 5 March 2020

Stitching News

Just Edna is very pleased with her Hunters Star quilt progress, and rightly so, all pointy points are pointy pointy in the right place. All the bits were cut with one of those machines.

Jean Bean has entered this, so far unfinished, quilt into the Uttoxeter Quilt show... she will finish is now that she's given herself a little added pressure... she works well with a bit of pressure!

New Sue is on a finishing spree. She has a few experimental started projects... Number one quilt top is now finished and she has no idea why she had put it on one side as she really likes it... as do I!! we quilters do the strangest things! 

PM Pam finished her top ... another baby gifting quilt made for a gardening enthusiast who is expecting a little bundle...

All the left over fabrics have been carefully incorporated to make a co-ordinating back for the quilt. All ready for sandwiching... ( I'm a bit late posting this picture as Pam is already quilting it)

Enid finished her applique Blanket Stitching... I think we set the cat amongst the pigeons as we had Enid try a Juki DX 7... she loved it, with it's Hover Foot and single Blanket Stitch... it was a dream to play with.

All Day Di was chuffed with her corner stones... they were needed with the border strips not being quite long enough without joining them, don't ask!... It's turned out great, better than Di's original plan in fact... which is a relief!

Shirley wanted to make the Quick Table Topper... a long standing favourite in my very own shop... Bright and spring-like colours was the brief and I think she nailed it. A sandwich was made and the Ditch-Hopping commenced... not much hopping for Shirley, she is a great straight ditch stitcher!

Jean Hill collected her Braid quilt from Amanda in Stone... It's been Long-Armed! Jean is thrilled with the way it turned out and thrilled that her shoulders have not suffered at all! She's going to add some Faux Piped Binding... not that she wanted to in the beginning, he he he.

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