Saturday, 28 March 2020

Turtles In Quilty Quarters

I'll have to blog more often, it's like writing to Dear Diary, ha.
The first 4 days have passed by very quickly so far, in my little safe-ish bubble at home. It's quite weird not going to my very own shop every day. So much time to please my very own self, in between helping the few with shopping and medical necessaries of course.
I've tried to keep to a sort of routine. 
It involves domestic and garden chores during mornings and for the afternoons, fun in my Quilty Quarters... adding a glass of wine to mark the evening shift, also spent in Quilty Quarters.
If you are home, I hope you have managed a good work / sewing imbalance too, ha ha ha.

I told you about our new baby boy arriving on Friday 13th, well... we were still away that day, on our sewing retreat. I had started making this quilt in the fabulous Garden Room with lots of lovely quilty ladies at our wonderful Alison House (seems ages ago now) 
At the time I didn't know what colour baby we were expecting so I figured turtles would be perfect, lots of green, neutral for either colour baby.
Now I'm locked up in my house, I've continued to work on baby's quit, I even sandwiched it on my floor. A few hours of free-motion quilting loopy-loops and straight-ish free-motion stitching round each turtle and all was done... just the hand stitching of the binding to do, it's only a small quilt so it won't take long. I'll be requesting my tooting fanfare soon.
Isn't it cute, so many googly eyes watching me sew!!
 Sea Turtle Friends pattern from here
I purchased my paper pattern from a shop in the UK a while ago... can't remember which one. There are lot's of patterns to download on this Jennifer Jangles website and lot's of little free projects to play with too.
See you later.... x

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