Thursday 26 August 2021

Bank Holiday Weekend...

I don't know about you but I am sooooo ready for this long weekend. I've been working really hard on a huge project over the last few months (more than a year!) One day I will show you but at this point, I can't. I might even do a big reveal, that will be fun... if it ever ends that is.

Bank Holiday Weekend. But what about my wonderful and very well stocked up shop?
I will be open on Saturday from 10am until 2pm, as normal
Closed on Sunday, as normal.
Closed on Bank Holiday Monday the 30th, whoop whoop whoop
Tuesday 31st my shop will be closed, no classes either.

BUT... You know I like to offer great customer service don't you?

If you would like to make a shopping appointment while I'm officially closed, I am more than happy to organise that. I know some folk like to visit my shop on the way to and from other destinations and it would be a shame to miss you, and such a disappointment for you to find my shop closed.
You would need to email to book the appointment
WhatsApp or call me  07807530441 at shorter notice, if I am able I will be there.

I do hope you have planned some sewing time. I know I have... but you know how plans often go!

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