Thursday 5 August 2021

Stitching News

 We're off!!! woop woop

Norma continues to work on a multi fabric project. She needs over 1000 2 1/2" squares, which she finds rather daunting. She went home with one complete block so that she has something to copy off, that's the theory! We changed the pattern method so as not to waste any fabric. You know I hate waste!

Edna had to go 'Off-piste" with this Christmas Tree Skirt. She did all the cutting and the strip sewing carefully following the pattern, which she has made a couple of times before. She Pleased Her Very Own Self for the cutting though... it didn't work out too well...but now Edna invented a new, more liberated, pattern.

We sorted it. Edna stitched the segments, we were able to sandwiched it and Edna made a great start on the liberated quilting. I'm a huge fan of this design! She went home ever so chuffed to have rescued the tree skirt and almost finished quilting it.

Di's Woodland quilt blocks are getting a boost of colour. Isn't he a fabulous bunny? This project started out in muted neutral colours, but then Di saw the light!!!

Farmer Lynda finally took the plunge and decided how she wanted to quilt her dinosaur project... Inspired by Our Pam, She has also gone off-piste and liberated... Pleasing your very own self is sooooo much fun!

I've seen a Festive Quilt in one of the books that I really want to make. I'll need 25 Yo-Yos and so, as I have never made one, I took a Clover YoYo maker from my shop shelf and had a go... You probably already know this but... How very clever they are!!! It turned out perfect first time... so chuffed!

There are more project pictures, but there's no more time.... see you soon

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