Wednesday 8 June 2022

The Return Of Workshops

Workshops are returning, whoop whoop? Are you thinking "It's about time Angie" ??? I get that, but I've had a lot going on!
Classes have been back to normal for many months. They are quite organic really with everyone working on their very own projects... they are more like Please My Self sessions, lots of fun, inspiring and VERY productive.
Now, maybe, it's time for a few more structured sessions, at least I hope it is as they take a bit of planning.
The first one Saturday 2nd July, will be Crumbs and Mile-A-Minute. You must have quite a lot of small pieces of fabrics collected from Covid stitching so this should be a good starting point.

It always ends up looking like chaos...

We don't mind the spreading out and the sharing...

The results of a previous workshop, aren't they fabulous!!!

The requirements are quite simple really. I have copied and pasted them below for you.
Booking is essential and the cost is £30.00 

Mile-A-Minute & Crumbs Workshop.


An assortment of scraps… anything larger than 1” is great, bring them all!

Longer fabric strips… 1” and wider, they’re perfect, even if they are wonky.

Thread... spools with ‘left over’ thread on them, we can use all colours.

Bring bobbins of ‘no longer needed’ coloured thread, let’s empty them!

Basic sewing kit including good scissors and pins

Rotary cutter, rulers & mat. 6 ½”  square or 9 ½” or 12 ½” square ruler…  all are useful

6” x 12” rectangle ruler will be very useful.

Please remember to bring your Sewing Machine, cable/foot, tools & manual with you.

Bring Glasses if you need to wear them. 

And, of course, your packed lunch (cafes, sandwich shops and bakery close by)

 Classroom opens at 9:30 for a 10am start.

Any questions, just ask.


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