Monday 13 February 2023

Stitching News

As you must be able to tell, Mary Poppins and her marvellous Magic Carpet Bag never did turn up. I do feel like I'm hanging on to her Umbrella though and floating over the to do list!! ha ha ha Longer daylight hours will help us all have more time, for sure.
Here goes on a little catch up...

Jean Bean is up first with a fabulous and finished, totally toot toot toot-a-bubble gifting quilt. Baby is just about one year old and is sure to love her pretty Log Cabin quilt, the pinks are all Tilda fabrics. I hope you can see the absence of any binding? We discovered Facing, yes, Facing a quilt, who knew?

Beano almost always puts something fun on the back of her projects, 'Hello Sunshine' this time, inspired by the backing fabric from an Art Gallery Fabric collection. You can see the facing around the edge. We are impressed with this method and you are definitely going to see more of it.

Our PM Pam is playing with frogs. She is not a lover of the real frogs, she doesn't like what they feel like, which is odd as she has never touched one. These Art Gallery Fabric frogs feel very soft and smooth, so she's chopped them up 'fussily' This project is going to be a cutie.

Gail spied a moment with a bit of space later in the day, not quite enough so Beano got moved!! She was happy to help Gail by moving, which is just as well. A sandwich was made and quilting will be comencing very soon, Unless we get a garage storing situation, oh Dear Gail will never live that down, he he

Our PM Pam has been rooting around at home. There was a lost book, so her Quilty Quarters had to be cleared up and tidied up until the book was found, along with a couple of started, not finished, projects. Including this Purple Cow. She is going to be magnificent, The Purple Cow, I'm loving her already.

I'm trying to quilt my Churndash Quilt, I've been giving you glimpses of it. 
This is just one bit of the quilting, I'm changing thread colours for almost every section, what a daft idea it's turning out to be, but I've started, so I will finish.

There's a Checkley Sunday Funday coming up, 26th February 9.30am - 3.30pm.
If you plan on joining us, and you haven't already booked and paid, please would you?
It helps me with the advanced planning and preparations.

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