Friday 17 February 2023

Stitching News

Beano has been experimenting. There's a whole quilt idea in her head and she's testing out the blocks she plans to use. There will be four inch Saw Tooth Stars, bold and bright with mostly primary colours. It looks like the experiment is working too.

New Sue has started a Bed Runner for gifting. The blocks were proving to be so complicated that there could have been Cup Coasters instead. But we persevered and it paid off. Look at those long and slender points, No Foundation Paper Piecing used, just good old traditional method, cut the shapes and sew them together!!

Fiona wants/needs a new runner and this Charm Pack was a perfect colour theme. 
This simple looking plan is the start of...

A Twister!! People do seem to enjoy making the Twister projects.  They are a little bit fiddly, especially with the smaller blocks, but the projects give enormous pleasure as all the faffing comes together, have you tried a Twister project?

All Day Di had almost finished her splendid apron, even stitched on the frills and the backing before she realised that she hadn't done all of the applique stitching, so she started her day with quite an amount of unpicking. All was back on track lick-etty-split, as you can see.

We had a retreat booked for March and 3 of us had decided to work on the same project. It's fun doing that, they all look so different yet the pattern is the same.
Anyway, sadly and rather annoyingly, the location decided not to run the retreat, they left it a bit last minute to tell us too! now we're all disappointed. These are some of Pam's blocks, she's decided to crack on regardless, as will I.

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