Wednesday 1 February 2023

Stitching News

I'm thinking of getting one of those big carpet bags, you know the ones I mean?, Mary Poppins uses one, all that stuff neatly tidied away into one bag. A bit of magic to help with the tidying and cleaning maybe? Does anyone know where I can find one? I could probably make good use of the actual Mary Poppins if she happened to come with the Big Carpet Bag, so that would be ok too. Spit Spot.

Susie finished her fabulous diamond cushion at home, hoooooray, and sent this photo for a Toot toot toot fanfare. A well deserved one as this project has tested Susie greatly. Diamonds might not be some girls' best friend, Ha! Susie assured me that there will not be a second one. Though it would look great on that there diamond-y patterned sofa me thinks

Jan made a very neat job of turning her table runner through. It can be tricky keeping pointy-points and her dress making skills came in handy. Beautiful straight lines of quilting finish it off ready for a toot toot toot fanfare for a fabulous and finished project.

Susan treated her very own self to a Jelly Roll last year! Last year wasn't so long ago really, though it does feel like at least 11 months ago,, anyway, she came to my vey own shop to purchase a few additional fabrics, also last year, and here it all is this year as a fabulous quilt top.

Tina, a new addict we found. She came to my shop to look, just to look! A few weeks in, after making the beginner cushion and purchasing her very own sewing machine, she's designing her first quilt. Based on the X Box, I believe it will be fabulous.

Christine has been forced into using fabric that she doesn't really like to make this bed runner quilt. None of it is from my emporium and we have had a good giggle with her about that. Now that the colours are all sewn together, in Christine's own "special" way, it doesn't look bad at all does it.

Our Sunday Sewday was great fun, 22 ladies sewing all sorts of things. Very inspiring.
The next meeting will be on Sunday 26th February, a note for your diary?

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