Wednesday 15 February 2023

Stitching News

Halloooooo, these pictures are from last Thursday so I'm just about keeping, sort of up to date, slightly last minute but done.
First up is Lady Lidl, Our very own Lady!!! 
Actually it's All Day Di showing off her newly found love of triangles. She is super chuffed with her very own self for making these star blocks, and rightly so.
And she loves the backing too. Toot toot toot Di, a fabulous and finished project that will look marvellous in your new kitchen.

Now that the table runner has received a loud toot toot fanfare, Di has moved on to a little more applique. She's actually made this design once before and loved it so much that she's doing it again, that's the short version of the tale, and it's all you are getting from me, ha!

Sister Susie is making a wonderful and large reading pillow, isn't it cute! The pattern is sold for a quilt but as you know, we please our very own selves, we can purchase patterns and use the applique designs however we want to. That there flower is coming out of the pocket, not sure you can make out the pocket in my photo.

We have a lot of this going on in my classroom, especially on a Thursday afternoon. Elizabeth Hartman patterns ask you to prepare all the tiny little bits and to label them. Believe it or not, there's going to be dogs made from Shirley's pile of bits, watch this space. 

There will be swans a plenty made by Jan, such a clever pattern. 
There's usually quite a bit of muttering going on when folk start to piece all the bits, understandably it has to be said. 

Jan made one swan block up at home, and after a troublesome time with the beak, she's now happy with the first one, a very smart fellow indeedy.


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