Thursday 4 May 2023

Stitching News

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My shop will be closed on Saturday 6th and on Monday 8th
Also Closed on Friday 12th May and Saturday 13th

Pam found her missing Gypsy Wife quilt.  She didn't know it was lost to be fair! Pam had moved house and packed the quilt away back in 2016. One of those memory things popped up on my Facebook feed so I asked Pam about the quilt. She was happily pleased to find it only needed binding too.

Bev has decided that her Penguins are reproducing in between her quilting sessions. Just when she thinks she has the last one stitched, she finds another! I'm sure we all know that scenario!

Shirley works in a very organised and methodical way. A very organised table is not the norm in my classroom, most of us spread over every available surface, even if it's your space! This Autumnal quilt will perfectly partner with Shirley's recently finished, 10-Minute Block quilt.

And speaking of the 10-Minute Block quilt (see what I did there!!) Janis spent a luxurious afternoon hand stitching the binding on to the beautiful back of her very own 10 Minute Block quilt.

Judy's Christmas. 
Not Kirsty's Christmas, this is much better, according to Judy!
What a lovely quilt this is turning in to!

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