Wednesday 31 May 2023

Quilty Quarters

I've already packed what I want to work on next week. I've never been so organised!
The problem with that is, planning the 'What If I run out of sewing?' sewing.

Remember this picture? 
I've used up lots of those fabrics now. 
Made 10 background blocks
Not the brightest fabrics but they are perfect for the backgrounds of flower blocks...
Tracing off all the flower shapes took a long time.
They are all a good size so I cut out the centres of each sticky stuff shape, to keep the quilt softer. The pencil shows the size of one leaf.

Oooh look how lovely 
Ooooooh look how lovely

Oh my, looooook how lovely!

And another lovely, lovely block. 
This is proving to be a great stash reducing quilt. So far it's slowly using up a big box of bits. BUT, but, but, there's huge temptation to cut into lovely fabrics, which will be defeating the whole point, ha! 

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