Sunday 21 May 2023

Stitching News

 As you can probably tell, I've been messing about with my blog and I still don't know how to change things, ha! That picture of my Churndash quilt is too huge, hey ho.

We had such a lovely week in my classroom. It just happifies the soul to have a bit of dry, gloriously sunny weather doesn't it.

Our Carol doesn't get much time to sew for her very own self as she is busy sewing professionally. This half Square Triangle project is coming along though, 10 minute sewing sessions can achieve great things. It's easy to pick up and start without wondering what you were doing last time. he he

and a whole Sewing Saturday session got more blocks are stitched. 
The fabrics are all from Tilda.

Deb played with the layout for ages. Just changing the location of a few blocks can change everything. She had decided to make a few more pink-y coloured houses but after we switched blocks about again, it was clear they weren't really needed. Big decision made and the rows were soon stitched together.

This fabric makes for a lovely backing.

This large block was an unfinished shop sample for ages. Hanging there looking fabulous. I decided to bring it home to get it quilted. Only I forgot to attach the walking foot feed arm on the UX8 so it's all puckery. too late now, I will use it to point out why we do need to use a walking foot! I'll say I did it on purpose, ha! Don't tell will you.

Next Sunday is a Funday Sewday at Checkley. 9.30am - 3.30pm. 
Not too many coming this time, with it being a big bank holiday weekend, so we will have extra tables to spread out on, and spread out we will! You know what quilters are like.
Obviously there's still time to book if you want to come and join us.
£20 booked and paid in advance (by Wednesday 24th please) and £25.00 to pay on the day.

I'm continuing with working on the retreat plans too. We just might get one sorted for November this year, watch this space.

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