Tuesday 16 May 2023

Very Important Shop News

My lovely shop opened in February 2012 .
My business plan was:-
* Make quilts. 
* Help others make their quilts.
* Encourage this addiction! 
* Pay the bills.
I've had to learn a lot and I think I've done it, and I will continue to do it.

Now, it's time to make a few small changes, in the interest of my "work / life balance". 
At the moment it's not at all balanced. 

My shop will be closed from Monday 5th June for the whole week. 
I am going on holiday!

After that I will be re-opening my shop on Tuesday 13th of June.
Going forward my shop will be closed on Mondays. Every Monday.

From June 13th shop hours will be:-
Tuesday 9.30am - 4pm
Thursday 9.30am - 5pm
Friday 9.30am - 4pm
Saturday 9.30am - 4pm

As I always like to offer great customer service, out of hours shopping appointment are available. If you are in the area on a 'closed' day, just contact me and I'll do my best to accommodate your needs.

email, angiequilts@gmail.com
07807530441 for calling and WhatsApp.

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