Friday 2 June 2023

Stitching News

It looks like I might have forgotten to mention that 37 bolts of fabric were delivered last Thursday, 37! For goodness sakes! It's also evident that I forgot to tell you that 37 bolts of fabric were delivered on Friday, yes another, completely different 37! That's a total of 74 bolts. I thought I should mention this so that when/if you enter my shop you won't think it's very neglected and untidy, but it is untidy!
I have ticked them all off as delivered and I have started to cut and wrap the Fat Quarters. For the next few days (possibly weeks) I will be faffing with the shelving trying to find space for them all.
Some things never seem to change do they, I'm aware I sound like a stuck record (that's an old saying eh!)
Right, back to stitching news, ooooooh we have stitching news!

Princess Jackie has finished her Flower Show quilt top. Usually in my classroom when people hold up a project, we hear a chorus of 'wows', 'ooooohs' and 'ahhhhhs' Jackie held up her beautifully top and there was silence, absolute silence. We all looked at each other for a while, then Our Pam chimed in with 
"Sometimes there are no words Angie" and she is quite right.
Jackie's working on a pieced backing for it now.

Christabelle is stitching in the ditch of her Hidden Wells gifting quilt. She declared that theres about a third to go, it's phoooofing up lovely. Chris is another quilter who saves all the end tying off for doing at home, like it's a treat, ha!

Do you remember me mentioning that strange things have happened to Our Beano. She's been producing and finishing quilts this year. She starts sewing before 2pm and all that. Having continuously declared that she doesn't want to work with scraps, for over 11 years, just look what she's up to??? I'm sure it isn't the same Beano!

Lady Lidl also has the flower show book. The flower tracings are so titchy-small and detailed (as you can see in the first photo of Jackie's) We had the brilliant idea of enlarging the applique patterns, aren't we smart!! They are still very small even at 40% larger. Di's blocks are almost all stuck in place and the applique stitching will be her retreat sewing.

This is another block in progress from my Quilty Quarters.
Big, chunky tracing and the applique will be easy-peasy!

Please remember that my shop will be closed for the whole of next week.

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