Sunday 18 June 2023

Stitching News

On Friday I pushed the classroom tables together for sandwich making.
First in to make a sandwich was Princess Jackie. I tried photos from may angles but no matter which way, none of them show the beautiful work to it's maximum. You're going to have to see this quit in person. 

oh my goodness, the detail!
It's all in the book apparently, with just a few little Jackie tweaks!

The flowers are very small and each one has been stitched with blanket stitch, a tiny blanket stitch. Thank goodness Jackie has a Juki DX 7, with the wonderful hover/lift foot facility, otherwise it would be 'one stitch, lift the presser foot lever, one stitch, lift the  presser foot lever , one stitch, lift the  presser foot lever. The Juki DX7 is happy to do the lift the  presser foot lever bit for you!!

One closer picture, I hope you zoom in to see more detail. Beautiful hand stitched embellishment, just lovely, lovely, lovely, don't you think? So there is now a flower sandwich to be quilted. Light quilting will be perfect for this beauty, Jackie doesn't want any distraction from the applique.

And, while the tables were together, I sandwiched my floral retreat quilt, ha ha ha. It's from a different league, obviously! A much larger flower or two with huge blanket stitching, which got larger as time was running out, PMS it's called, Pleasing My Self!
I was hoping to start quilting it this weekend but there's too much fabric all over Quilty Quarters, I'll show you why later, or tomorrow.

I told you, huge blanket stitching.
Artsy-fartsy quilt angles?

Lots of thread colour changes, which used to drive me nuts but now, I'm happy to do that. This new me, who had a holiday, is quite chilled. Actually I'm boiling, but that's our beautiful weather, and I am not complaining about a spot of sunshine!

Next weekend we have Checkley Sunday Funday Sewday, that's 25th June. 9.30am - 3.30pm. £20 in advance or £25 on the day, so you need to be booking and paying, if you haven't already.

If you are going on the pilgrimage to the Festival Of Quilts with us on Sunday 6th of August, it's time to be paying for your return coach with entrance ticket. £35.00 that needs to be Cash or bank transfer please, not many weeks to go for that really.

That's probably enough waffling for one day.

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