Saturday 10 June 2023

Home, Refreshed & Rested

What an absolute luxury this holiday from work malarky is!
I will definitely be doing it again.
We, that's myself and 3 chums, went away for 4 nights, which is 5 days of sewing, almost, as we went out exploring a bit too. Rude not to when you are informed of two nearby quilt shops, ha! It was a wonderful location with great retreat facilities, good food and quirky accommodation. The Old Bakehouse, in North Norfolk, very close to Holt, which we loved and wish to return to.

We did loads of sewing, with the all giggles and chatter too, of course.

I worked mostly on this. It's been called the "we didn't go on the retreat' quilt, with our original retreat getting cancelled on us in March. All the flowers needed applique stitching so I didn't have any decisions to make, apart from thread colour and stitch size, very easy. I just got on with it. So it will need a new name as we did, eventually, go on the retreat, ha.

Norma finished her quilt top too. How different they look don't they? Pam had already finished her quilt top before we went retreating so she was making Churndash blocks, 40 in all! You will one day see all 3 of our floral quilts together. I hope! 
Di (Lady Lidl) was also applique stitching flower blocks but not the same pattern, much more intricate and fiddley.

I'm still on holiday from work, so more stitching will be achieved, hopefully. There's an awfully long 'chores list' to be tackled, now that I have a bit of time. 

My shop is now operating with it's new timetable. You can/should be able to see that on the top right hand side of this page.

The next Checkley Sunday Sewday will be 25th June so I'm taking names and monies for that from Tuesday next week.
You can book and pay for your seat and entrance ticket for the Festival Of Quilts Pilgrimage on Sunday 6th August. Picking up in Leek, Cheadle and Uttoxeter en-route.

Right, back to that chores list!

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