Monday 19 June 2023

Stitching News

Saturday Sewday was super busy. There was a lot going on in the classroom. Projects from previous weeks of sewing were coming together so I was kept busy, I had to dig deep in my memory for some piecing skills, you will see that soon when I get a photo of Cheryl's New York Beauty, who knew we could remember so much? Unfortunately for my blog, there was not much time for photo taking. But, most definitely a good busy for my shop, I had lots of happy customers too. A wonderful day really.

I did manage one photo. Deb is very happy with her new quilt top. It's taken a while to make but that's good really. Some of us decorate a room to suit a beautiful quilt. Deb sold up her home and moved house to find the right bedroom for this lovely project!! The pattern is from a Tilda book. It's quilting time now though. Backing has been chosen and stitched together in readiness for that task. I suspect it will be going to Amanda in Stone this time.

With my new shop timetable now in full swing, there is a 'Sewing Saturday' almost every weekend. They are perfect for us weekday working girls and just the ticket for any loneliness at the weekend. Not everyone dreams of more spare time, but more stitching time is always welcomed isn't it.
You will need to book if you want to come, 7/8 people per day is the maximum, unless you want a table outside, ha! No, I am not going to extend my shop, it's rented!

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