Monday 12 June 2023

Quilty Quarters

Today is my first, official 'I don't go to work on Mondays' day off. Needles to say (see what I did there?) as I have had a lovely, long, week off, I will have to go to my shop to prep, check and clean my shop ready for a full classroom tomorrow. I might even make a sandwich. I did make a backing in preparation.

That huge piece of blue floral fabric wasn't quite large enough on it's own but it was in my 'Get This Lot Used Up' pile. Luckily, that pink was also on that pile so it got chopped up too.

That set me off on a tidy up, big decision, journey in Quilty Quarters. I've been collecting fabrics since 1998, when I first started to learn about quilting. You can imagine how much fun I've had, I bet. But my tastes have changed. I still like the fabrics and I remember the wonderful shopping trips to buy them all with many lovely friends (or maybe enablers!) that I've met. But if I'm going to retire, they need to be used up, the fabrics not the friends!

I spent the morning cleaning all the nooks and crannies. Then a few hours deciding which fabrics to give away. Some smaller pieces and a few a bit larger that I will never use. They are in a large bag to be given to an unsuspecting victim!

I then culled my crumbs. They are little bits and funny shapes, into a container. Our Pam was happy to say yes when I asked her whether she would like this pile for her crumb piecing. But the pile grew very much after I took the picture! She has committed now though, so to Pam they will go.
I was left with these bits which I will use up making...
The big 14" blocks for in between my quirky flowers.
It's like giant crumbs and mile-a-minute piecing and I'm hoping not to have many scraps left when they are all done. Don't be worrying about me though, I will then start chopping into my bigger fabric pieces, YES, there are plenty more!

I sent a picture to my brother yesterday, to show him what I worked on recently. 
He sent this back. I told him to be careful what he wished for. Silly lad should know better! I have many more of those ugly, wonky star fabrics set on one side ready to work on at our next Checkley Sunday Funday.

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