Monday 16 October 2023

Sandwich News

Christabelle made her flower sandwich. In length it was larger than all of my tables pushed together so was pinned in two lots. Very easy to do, especially with good quality wadding as it all stays together really well.

Not sure what happened with the colours in this picture. My phone did an update and, you already know, I am a technical numptie! But you get the idea how lovely Chris's quilt is. It's going to give Chris a good workout as she quilts it!

This is also Chris's. A beautiful, girly things sandwich. The pictorial fabrics are from the most gorgeous range called About A Girl. It would be wonderful if they reprinted this fabric, we all loved it. Hatched And Patched produce such cute things, like a book, which Chris now owns!

Susan's quilt just about fit on the tables. What a bright beauty it is too. We discussed a few quilting options, quite a few actually, then had a powwow about thread colours. One more happy customer

New Sue made the first sandwich of the day. It's Tilda fabrics. The placement of which very cleverly makes a lattice design. It's a detail you don't really notice in real life but show up brilliantly in my picture, even with my phone updates, ha! 

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