Saturday 14 October 2023

Stitching News

After my last post I bet you think I lost the plot a bit. I was only replacing two Ikea Billy shelving units for the Ivar ones, to match the rest of my shop. But they are a tad larger so legs from the table were in the way and had to be removed. That couldn't be done without tipping the table up to remove the base. If you have been in my shop you will know how that was going to be complicated. I have stuff everywhere!! Anyway, we did succeed, the shelving looks great and I gained at least 3 inches of extra fabric space, ha! You will see how good it looks next time you are in.
Back to stitching news,
Norma's strips were all stitched together so we sewed them into tubes. That's a normal thing to do for  Bargello style designs. Next, we cut them up again making thinner tubes. Unpicked a few bits, cut a few bits in half and came up with this. I do hope you followed all that!

Mary had made A beginner cushion and wanted a slightly larger project to build her skills The only request was that it be easy. Railfence blocks aren't too tricky, they are great practice for anyone and make a great project for confidence building. Just stripping, pressing and chopping up again, does that sound familiar?

Di has all three of her tree blocks made so it was Tomte time. All the little bits were cut to exact sizes and labelled first of all, a very necessary chore and a little time consuming, but very satisfying...
There it is, a Tomte hat! Of so cute, More next time, there might be a nose!

Shirley finished her Gnome table runner, with Faux Piped Binding and doesn't it just look perfect. The gnome patterns are from a lovely book and the centre star block was added as an extra. Toot toot toot Shirley, a fabulous and finished table runner.

Bev had a little tutorial about triangles. Why we used Quarter Square Triangles for the sides and Half Square Triangles for the corners, it's not rocket science, it's smart patchworking! By the end of class Bev was sandwich ready.

The Sunday Sewday list is slowly growing. There's time to book yet as it's still 2 weeks away.
There's a little buzz staring about what we will take on the next sewing retreat at the end of November too. I think Pam is after the prize for the most projects, ha! Nothing new there, ha ha ha

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