Sunday 11 February 2024

Stitching News

That was a busy shop week. I think the longer daylight hours are getting people buzzing about their projects again. Snowdrops and Daffodils are popping up everywhere in these here parts, they always make us feel positive, don't you think?  They put a spring in my step for sure. Happy little things they are.
I've kinda failed you on the project photo taking, bla bla. Just a few this time. 

We have quite a few ladies making this Woodland quilt pattern, it's called Lookout. Elizabeth Hartman patterns are very popular in my classroom. This particular row of trees belongs to Farmer Lynda. She's feels very enthusiastic about making them. Lynda's Bunny is very cute.
A closer look at him. What a smart fellow he is, or she is, who knows! Bunny is playing out at night time! Little tinker, ha!

Princess Jackie came to class without her project to work on. Luckily she had her Stargazey Daizies quilt pattern in her box of tricks so she purchased a few fabrics and made a great start. I'm sure you will see more of these Daizies over the next few weeks, they always start a trend in my classroom.

And I AM STILL trying to finish my quilting on the Hidden Wells Quilt. 
It's a Whopper but in small bites of time, I am making good progress.

Our next Checkley Sunday Funday Sewday will be 25th February. I have a good long list of bookings for it. Have you booked a spot?
After February we won't meet again until the end of June because of another sewing retreat at the beginning of March, Easter bank holiday falls at the end of March and Uttoxeter Quilt show in April. Then there's Bank Holidays in May too! So 30th June it is.

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