Saturday 24 February 2024

Stitching News

Starting off with a fabulous and finished fanfare! Susan popped in to show her beautiful Batik Jelly Roll quilt. That there delicious, Moda Grunge looks so good against all those brights doesn't it. Toot toot toot Susan!
Rose has been commissioned to make a large, nautical themed cushion and she's already on it. The beach hut applique is almost finished then Rose will be adding lots of personalized embellishment, the bit she loves!
Another Fabulous and finished fanfare is needed now for Our Beano! Once again this quilt has no binding, it's had the facing treatment, Jeans new favourite thing. 
This is the back of Jean Bean's fabulous, and quite splendid, gifting quilt.  She's made three quilts in total, all very similar but a bit different. There's even a lovely label so it's ready to be delivered. Toot toot toot Beano!
Karen has moved on to project number 2 already, the first being the beginner friendly cushion from last week. This week we made a table topper using our good old Rail Fence design. A very forgiving design making it perfect for a new addict.

Christabelle made her enormous, absolutely E N O R M O U S quilt top into a sandwich ready for quilting but now it's just to large and heavy to tackle in class. Well, she could but it would be scooting everyone else's work off the tables, not a friendly gesture! 

So Chris got out her lovely Anna Maria Horner project which was started a while ago. Chris had put it to one side so that she could work on quite a few gifting quilts and projects. Luckily, as always, Chris had made lots of notes in her wonderful project diary so it didn't take long to get back into the swing of it. The blocks are so beautiful, I'll try for a better photo next week.

Lorna was very happy to be announcing that she will soon be welcoming the patter of tiny feet. Like any grand-quilty-mother, the new bundle will be needing hundreds of quilted projects, whoop whoop! 2 sandwiches have been made so far.
Deb is determined to conquer Free Motion Quilting. I tell everyone, it's easy, you just have to practice, practice, practice, and you know I am very wise, don't you? Practicing on smaller projects is very satisfying. Here's the evidence, one fabulous and finished iPad case, with wonderful Free Motion Quilting, toot toot toot Deb!

Next Thursday, that's 29th February, My shop will be closing at 4pm instead of 5pm, just for this one week, I'm off out gallivanting with chums, AGAIN!

I say 'just this one week' because the following week, Thursday 7th March, my shop will be closed for all of the whole day! It will re-open on Tuesday 12th March. Quilting shenanigans are a foot.

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