Sunday 4 February 2024

Stitching News

That week flew by didn't it! Gosh, we have hit February running. Longer, lighter days are coming and I've seen the little pops of Snowdrops peeking through the sodden ground, which always gives me a boost of joy. As do quilty things!

Norma's taken delivery of her quilt from Amanda in Stone. The design is a free pattern called Roaring Waves. We've cut the strips a little wider than 2.5" as the pattern calls for. Norma's beauty was quilted with wavy lines going down through the design. It looks really lovely. We had all been thinking to quilt across the design, now we might re-think. Norma chose a great fabric for her binding.

Norma's really enjoying making this elephant project, it's going to be a wall hanging quilt. Norma says it's like doing a Jig-saw. Each piece is fused in place and stitched with our favourite Juki Blanket Stitch.

This project, also the Roaring Waves instructions, belongs to Deb. She loved my fabric choices so we gathered them up, like making a kit really. Deb added a couple of Fat Quarters extra as she wanted a longer finished quilt. Since this picture Deb purchased all the fabrics again to make the quilt much wider. Pleasing her very own self, and there won't be a need for borders to be added! 

Mary had gotten her very own self in a bit of a pickle piecing these beautiful Batik fabric squares. Luckily, as with most fabrics, we just unpick a few stitches and the whole project can be back on track, lick-etty-split. Which is exactly what happened and no-one would ever know. Of course I know you won't tell.

Thank you for the lovely comments in support of my new attitude to work/life balance. I must say it was great fun to be out gallivanting. I was happily tired after though, who knew I could stay awake so late/early, ha! I'm hoping I toughen up as I do more of it! Watch this space.

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