Tuesday 26 March 2024

Stitching News

 I hope you've noticed how I'm trying to remember to take more photos and to write stuff more often.

Sue is a newly infected quilter.  It's not a disease, Quilting's more of an addiction, did you know that? This is her second beginner friendly cushion. She wants to make another, determined to make a whole and complete cushion all by her very own self before she embarks on a larger quilt making journey

This is the back with a very impressive zip, covered expertly by a flap.
It's a fabulous and finished cushion, toot toot toot.

Farmer Lynda made this cute baby Bunny block, it's for gifting. It's going to be a baby quilt. A small size to be used in the car or a pram and was great practice for the larger Bunnies in Lynda's next plan.

Mary was so smart. She wanted to make sure the Giraffe fabric was facing the right direction and worked it out for her very own self. These things don't happen by accident you know, except when they do! They are known as happy accidents, Mary was very happy with her accident!

Hilary had loved the quilt top I made on the October retreat (no it's not quilted yet). So much so that she decided to make one for gifting. We took a while selecting all the fabrics, it can be tricky with 18 or so fabrics needed for a plan but, I think you will agree, Hilary nailed it, so much so that this project has been re-labelled as a keeper!

Inspired by the Highland Cow cushion Bev made recently, Judy made this applique cushion. It's a completely different pattern designed by a different person, he's rather more tussled and rugged looking isn't he. 

This was Bev's

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