Monday 11 March 2024

Stitching News

Good morning quilty folks! It's back to normal day today. What a wonderful visit we had to Hillscourt in the Lickey Hills. A very relaxing retreat but the time passed by way too quickly, as always! We were all very productive in the sewing department. I didn't take any photos to share with you though, I was so busy stitching you see. I did finish a fun quilt top using all sorts of fabrics from my home stash and it will be sandwiched at some point today. More on that later.

I found these photos taken last Tuesday in class. It was a very busy day, which is lovely. Lots of like minded people inspiring each other. The shop was buzzing with customers all day too.

Gail was able to make her Noah's Ark quilt sandwich right at the end of the day when 2 ladies had gone home, The quilt only needed a small sandwich area. Gail needs to get cracking on her quilting, she is racing the arrival of the little fellow, and you know how unpredict-a-bubble that can be!

Our Pam completed a whole and very cute, girly bunny! There are lots of pieces needed to make each bunny and it's very hard to get all of them the right way round, well, it is when there's so much going on around you that you don't want to miss so this was quite an achievement.

Rose finished all the basic quilting on her Nautical cushion and she's started to add little personal details and the embellishments, even a couple of cheeky Seagulls, probably waiting to steal any chips! There might even be a dolphin or two.

Julie was so very chuffed to have finished her Beginner friendly cushion. She's learned a lot while making it, as is usual really, that's why I call is a Beginner cushion, ha! The sewing machine fabric gave Julie a lesson in directional fabric design too.

Complete with a flap covered zip on the backing, which always impresses folk when they see how easy it is to achieve. As a fabulous and finished project, Julie gets her first toot toot toot fanfare! She's already made a second cushion all by her very own self,  proof she's now a Quilter. Welcome to the dark side Julie!

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