Wednesday 20 March 2024

Stitching News

Very important stuff first, as Easter Bank holidays approach.
My shop will be open on Friday 29th March but closed on Tuesday 2nd April.
It's much easier than closing on Good Friday (though every Friday is good in my shop!) Opening on Saturday, Closed for Sunday and Monday etc. The ladies who regularly come to class on Tuesdays are more than happy to take an extra day to eat their chocolate Eggs. Unfortunately though, I will have to have 4 lovely long days off, but I can cope with that!! I might just have to sew?

A finish is a finish and doesn't have to be a quilt. This beautiful Apron is fabulous and finished and has now been gifted to a very special lady. Made by Di, known as Lady Lidl, The patch with the pretty flowers is a very handy-dandy pocket. The neck strap is adjustable too. Toot toot toot Di, a well deserved fanfare. The pattern is in an Art To Heart book.

Rose added a few dolphins and lots more quilting. Most of the clouds have been quilted so they poooooof up lovely. After a quick demonstration, Rose stitched many French Knots, so all the creatures can now see where they are going. Buttons have been selected for the door handles too.

Julie made more Rail Fence blocks and added them her quilt top at home so she was ready to learn lots of top tips about adding borders in class. A rich coffee colour for the inner border, half an inch wide, then a lovely print for the outer border. We will be sandwiching this top soon.

This is another of Norma's projects. It's an 'in between projects' quilt, easy to work on all by her very own self. Like at Sunday Sewdays and wonderful retreat days. The borders will have applique flowers, Norma does enjoy applique work.

Lou Lou arrived for her class with the backing ready prepared so the first job was to make a forest sandwich, a very large sandwich for Lou Lou. She was soon able to make a good start on her quilting too. Stitching in the ditch of all the blocks and border strip first of all. The quilt will then be stable enough to trim the crusts off and have the binding stitched on. The trees will be easier to quilt then as the whole project will feel smaller, a bit! 
Gail's Noah's Ark quilt complete with Faux Piped Binding. Not the easiest of bindings but well worth all the effort (tears and frustration and bad language!! Between you and I, Gail got in a bit of a pickle with joining the ends) But!!! She persevered and it is now finished and fab-u-lous!! There are just a few little details to quilt and an odd few ends to tie off but, technically, it's finished, so we can give it a good old Toot toot toot.

New fabrics are due to arrive in my shop tomorrow and Friday so be careful when entering if you see piles of boxes and 3 huge rolls of wadding, you surely won't be able to miss the wadding, each one is like an extra person in the building but they don't move when you need to get past them!!!

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