Wednesday 26 March 2008

We Dyed Again!

Yesterday was another fabric dying day. Garen came over at 9:30am with 7 metres of wet white fabric and went home round 6pm with a rainbow of colours, (there was a school run and a scout meeting inbetween, it doesn't take that long to dye) anyway, to say she went home happy is an understatement!!! I think it is fair to say that she is now addicted! I took loads of photos, mostly of the lovely colours but here is the one I will share with you.

As you can see, i am no expert at planning my photos, apart from Happy Garen, you can see my reflection in the window, you can see that I put my washing in the house, to stop Garen changing the colour of it, and down in the right corner there, my Molly is treasure hunting for something in her bed, she burries her dog biscuits there! The room behind is where we have our quilting meetings on Thursdays, hence the iron and the fabrics on the walls. such a lot to look at in one snapshot!!!
Today I was teaching at Paula's , we had 3 new ladies, all very eager to learn. There is a lot to get through in a beginners first class, I was so busy I forgot to take any photos....

Remember I said that we had made 'proper' Bargello quilts at our first quilt camp.... this is the lovely one that Ursula made....

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