Thursday, 20 March 2008

IWP Quilt Group

At the beginning of our morning, we were treated to Dave popping in to show us his new propellor, the smaller one on the right, is for the planes he normally builds and flies, 1/4 scale, the HUGE one, is for the near future. He will start building 1/3 scale planes from now on.... this is since he planned to downsize his collection????? I guess less is more!!! Fewer planes but much bigger... he wishes you to know that if you would like to see more, he has his own blog

The quilt is my first Mile-a-Minute, made in Brazil in 2001.

Arabela's quilt in progress made with fabrics from Prague.

Trudi bought in her Scrappy Bargello, she started it on Saturday and finished it yesterday, well almost finished as it has no label yet. She pointed out fabrics from her maternity dresses and her kids clothes, now adults.

Ladies bought their scraps and sewing machines and set about making crumb blocks. I have demonsatated these before but they hadn't yet tried it. This is Sue crumbing!

There were only 7 of us today because of the Easter holidays.

We were very productive, though.

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