Tuesday 25 March 2008

Old Friends

Well, isn't it funny how you don't hear from old friends for ages then you get all the emails at the same time? It is lovely to keep in touch.

Yesterday I heard from Frankie, possible my bestest friend ever, we met in 1999 when I lived in Sao Paulo, Brazil, she just finished this fabulous quilt for her Grandaughter, I just had to put it here, it is all hand quilted, Frankie does beautiful work.

Then this morning I had an e-mail from Elaine, who I met when I lived in Mexico City in 2003. Another possible best friend, I have a lot of best friends! Anyway, this photo was taken in Mexico, Elaine (right) and Anitta (left) when we were working on Mile-a-minute quilts. We laughed so much that day, this is a favourite photo, I remember the day as if it was yesterday, we had Chilaquiles for lunch!
I love my friends in Mexico, the quilt guild has a webpage full of information and photos of my best friends!! he he

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