Friday 30 October 2009

Bits & Bobs

Since going to the presentation by Ineke Berlyn, I have wanted to cover notebooks and diaries with fabric. Maureen showed me how she does it, then, I had a go... the next one will be easier, I made a bit of a job with this one... half of the problem is that I don't want to use nice fabric to practice with, I waste lots of time deciding which fabrics I am 'prepared' to use... it's not like I don't have lots!
I also 're-found' (can I say that?? I came across something that I had already found once before ha ha ha) a tutorial on how to make fabric storage cubes, so I made one. I used a piece of carpet underlay to keep the bottom in shape... this cube is very easy to do.
Then I spent 4 hours, most of it choosing the fabric, making this birthday card.

Now I dare not post it because we have postal strikes....
I should go now to do what I should have been doing all morning... Hi Ho, Hi Ho....

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