Saturday 31 October 2009


Look what my Mum made for me!!!

Aren't they fabulous?? I love them.The idea is from here... I suspect that my Mum made them to get out of teaching me to make them myself??... and I don't really blame her...

We went to the knitting group at the Museum in Hanley today, it took me 2 hours just to crochet this circle, which is going to be this bag... one day!!
This is some of the lovely knitting ladies, well they are really called "Ripping Yarns", given that we will do other things with wool, like crocheting, spinning, loom work... you get the picture eh..... Some of us are learning, obviously some ladies are kindly teaching, and others are working on....
... this tribute to Wedgwood Pottery. We were each given a block or more to knit, some have pottery designs on them, the background blocks are plain ( easy... I did 2 of those!) Now they are knitting the pretty border strip, crocheting those tiny white flowers and sewing them on, I think that makes it look very 'Wedgwoody'
The next Ripping Yarns meet will be Saturday 14th November 10:30am t0 12:30pm.

Mum and I went up to the wool shop directly after the meeting.... there were lots of the knitting ladies there... we all had the same idea! he he.

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