Sunday 4 October 2009

On No!! Knitting????

Oh dear, I think I've joined a knitting group now! A group of ladies have decided to put knitting back on the map, especially to encourage young people to get knitting and crocheting (now how funny is that word?)... for many, many months now I have wanted to make a knitted/crocheted patchwork quilt/blanket, it was after seeing this blog that I got the urge..... here I go again... head in a whirl....

Here are a few of the ladies (you can just about see a wool shop in the top left corner, good job I had no money with me!) there were lots of people there.... possible friends?? Actually I have a friend there already, her name is Angela too and she is quite lovely, we've been friends for ooooh ....4 days now, I met her in Stone on Thursday!, ha ha ha

This book was on a table, calling to me, "read me, I am just what you have been looking for"..... this is an older version of the cover though... how do I know this you ask? Because I ordered it this morning, silly!!!.... alas, it was stuck to another book and didn't want to be separated, so I ordered the one for crochet too! tee hee
This isn't really a new knitting group, it is a wool group. They will be organising workshops for anything from knitting and crochet to wool dying. They are also organising, and will have us all making, a large wall hanging dedicated to Wedgwood. We will all knit a square for it, I volunteered to knit a plain background square... not the most difficult eh! These events and the meetings will all be held in Hanley museum... can't wait for the books to come now.....
**The organsiers are looking for someone local to teach "Tatting"**

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