Tuesday 17 November 2009

Alton Quilters?

'Twas a funny thing at the meeting of the Alton Quilt Group yesterday... 3 out of 6 of us turned up with wool!! Clare had decided to learn crochet, Jenny was knitting something and I took my crochet! Quilt group???
I did take a pile of squares sewn diagonally to cut in half, and I did do that before I picked up my wool.... I had tried to show Clare how to crochet... but that was 'blind leading the blind', as you know I am only a beginner, so Maxine took over, lucky for Clare!

Maxine attended a workshop this last weekend and made this Christmassy table runner quilt, that's Maxine peeping over the top, she hadn't realised that her jumper and shawl were perfectly co-ordinated to her project until I pointed it out...he he he
the project used the applique method that Eleanor Burns uses a lot, sewing the shape to interfacing and then turning it right side out, there is a video clip that show you how to do it, if I find it I will post it later... anyway, this method is too fiddly for me and my clumsy fingers... he he he
I need to get going, I am taking the Bernina Babies to my Uttoxeter class today... for their first outing...

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Birte said...

Hi Maxine
I like your table runner. It is too fiddly for me but it looks very nice.
Greetings from Germany